After watching ‘The Secret’ multiple times, and applying it. I believe that it works. I generally think that it is the concept of just thinking positive and believing in your actions. If you believe something will work, you surely will put in effort to achieve that goal. Therefore, here are my quick 4 tips:


  1. Your thoughts become your reality — Think what you want and create more moments in your mind that it is there.
  2. Trust the universeAsk what you want and allow your desires to appear, and make sure that you trust that they will.
  3. What you want to attract is not really taking forever to manifestHowever long it takes for everything to come together is exactly the right amount of time needed.
  4. When you feel nervous, anxious, impatient, or scared, you are pushing away the very thing you wantImplement the feeling of hope and enjoy the process where it takes you where you want to go.


Make sure that you enjoy where you are now and live as if you already have what you desire, and the sooner your desire will manifest 😇

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