So everyone in the office have been talking about this new craze, Marie Kondo. And as usual, I had no idea what it was, so with my very own new Netflix subscription (thanks sis for sharing your subscription unknowingly but its time to adult now) I decided to check it out. If y’all do not know what it is, check out the trailer below:

Great stuff, right? And isn’t she so adorable?

So I decided to ‘Marie Kondo’ my room, and boy did it take a while. Check out the results below

Yes, 9 bags of clothes!
The quote that hit me the most was, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it out!” I had some clothes where I felt uncomfortable wearing – I still do not know why I had them. Plus, others that I have had for YEARS and kept saying that I will get back to that size and wear them. Upon reflection, that would mean that I would have to go down to around 60 kgs which is severely underweight for a guy who is 185 cm. So, I threw all that shit out!

How did I feel in the end? Happier, and lighter. Plus going to work took less time, because I knew everything fit, plus I color coordinated my closet haha.

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