What does the name of your blog come from?

“Well my name is Heri. But when I moved to Australia, my friends nicknamed me, ‘Hezza’. I don’t know why, you have to ask them! Then when I wanted to create my Instagram account, the name was already taken. So as for inspiration, I looked at Beyoncé’s instgram page (before she re-named it to Beyoncé), and I liked the sound of BaddieBey — therefore I added ‘hez’ at the end. And that’s how the brand name HEZZAHEZ was created.”


How do I get a shout-out on Instagram?

“Just go to the specific account that you want a shout out from and follow the instructions. It’s either tagging the account or using the specific hashtag. Just ensure that your images are high quality and your profile is public.”


How do you manage and grow 4/5 Instagram pages all by yourself?

“Research, research, research! I didn’t learn the tactics from school/uni, everything was all self-taught. So just do your research and you must have AMAZING time management skills. You’ve also got to be very dedicated and passionate!”


Why a blog? Why didn’t you start one when you made your Instagram pages?

“Marketing and blogging are two DIFFERENT things. I was still learning, but confident in my marketing skills but I wasn’t at a time to start a blog. Blogging (to me) requires a lot of skill. You have to ensure that you do not cross the boundary where you expose too much of yourself. Yes, it is all about the person and how you are attracted to them and their life, but there are some things that you have to keep private. Some bloggers are open about everything, but I am a very private person, so for me to expose to this level…it’s still a challenge.”


Still, why now?

“One of my closest friends, and fellow blogger Nyarai (SeasonsDaysYears) was the one who told me that I should share my talent(s) and create my own blog. She gave me that extra push.”


What is the goal of HEZZAHEZ?

“It is my creative outlet, something that I can call mine and grow with. But, once I start earning profit, I am going to donate a percentage to help children in my hometown. I was fortunate to be born in a blessed life, so it is only fair to bless theirs.”