I have been receiving a few inquiries in my DMs about my skin. I just want to let y’all know that I do not photoshop, but I’m not afraid to use filters if needed (VSCO is my favourite editing app). It isn’t all digital magic, so I wanted to introduce the lifestyle section of my blog, where I will share beauty, health, style and food tips. Again, I am not an expert in these categories so these suggestions come from experience and what works for me. Fighting!


Here are 5 products that I cannot live without.

BEANBODY Coffee Scrub – Manuka Honey
I am an avid user of coffee scrubs and I love them. I was actually introduced to them by Frank Body scrub and have been using them for years now. I recently found this scrub when I was in the pharmacy and it has been exceptional. I use it around 2-3 times a week depending on my skin. 


Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster

Recommended by IG: Alan609 – I have never found a better vitamin c booster. In the first three days I have seen a change in my skin. Although it is pricey, it is well worth the price and lasts for ages. I tend to mix this with the Golden Age Serum every morning.


L’Oreal Age Perfect Golden Age Serum
I started using this when I did the Korean 10 step skin care routine . I like this serum because when I put it on, I get a bit of a glow with it. I know it is marketed to help hydrate mature skin, but it works well with my skin and the pink-heud micro-pearls helps with my radiant glow. I mix this with the Hylamide booster every morning.


L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Night Peel
So this is my secret weapon whenever I feel that my skin needs an immediate boost. This lotion is known to exfoliate the skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles and dark sports, and renew the epidermis. Mind you, it contains glycolic acid which is used in dermatological peels. I tend to use it every other night after cleaning before bed.


Frankbody lip scrub
I love Frankbody. They are an incredible brand, with incredible products. This lip scrub is amazing, and the best thing is that it is made of natural ingredients. I tend to use it every other morning or night when my lips feel dry and I lick it off because it’s delicious!

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